Earn Money

শুধু শুধু ফেসবুকে সময় নষ্ট না করে, চাইলে একটা ছোট এন্ড্রয়েড এপস এ দৈনিক কিছু সময় কাজ করে মাসিক কিছু (২০০০-৩০০০) টাকা আয় করতে পারেন আপনিও। হয়তোবা অনেক টাকা... Read more »

Wonder of the modern science

  Modern civilization is the gift of science. Today we are living in an age of science. Day and night, we make the use of innumerable discoveries and inventions... Read more »

World heritage site in Bangladesh

A world Heritage site is a natural or cultural place recognized by the international community as possessing international value and coming under a collective responsibility for its preservation. Bangladesh... Read more »

Importance of learning SEO

  SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It means that, do something search engine related work, which make a website front/first page on a search engine like google, yahoo. In... Read more »

Money can’t buy happiness

Money is must for our life. But it can not bring us happiness. Happiness depends on the contentment of the mind. A man is happy when he is satisfied... Read more »

Importance of learning English of our life

English is an international language. It means people all over the countries are use English is a second language for sharing their thought, expression. All the people in the... Read more »

Value of time in Man’s life

The value of time is limitless; it cannot be measured. The value of time arises from the fact that human life is hsort, but he has to do a... Read more »

Social Networks || How and Why ??

Social Networking Service is online based virtual platform which gives people to keep social relationship among the world. It is web based service. People can communicate and stay connect... Read more »