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About Various Problems in Bangladesh

Name of the essay (any problem)


  1. Introduction:In our day to day life, we are experiencing new kinds of problems. Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population. This is why this developing country faces various kinds problems like food, traffic jam, dowry, acid thronging, terrorism, hurtle, load shedding, road accident, arsenic and so on .(Name of the essay) is causing much harm to Bangladesh.


  1. Causes:There are many causes of (Name of the essay). Injustices, lack of civic sense, lack of religious mentality, lack of family ties are some of them. Besides, most of the people of our country are poor and illiterate. They live from hand to mouth. Thus they have no knowledge to judge what is right and wrong. Again our political condition is getting worse day by day. It is an obstacle for the welfare of the country. On the other hand, nature is also cruel on us. All these situation has turned our country into this position. Flood, cyclone, drought are very common for this country.


  1. Effects: The effects of (Name of the essay) is very dangerous. It hampers our regular activities. It destroys out time .It also            harmful for our life and property. Continuation of (Name of the essay) makes our life idle. In a ward it is a major threat form  our  existence.


  1. Remedy:An off-quoted proverb is that prevention is better than cure. So it is high time to take necessary steps and preventive measures to get rid of (Name of the essay). By taking proper steps by the proper authority, a country can be furnished for the next generation.


  1. Conclusion:For our survival, we need to add a strong voice to the people of the world for the help of our existence. To maintain peace and justice all kinds of people must come forward with co-operation.



Essay scope:

1.            Population problem in Bangladesh

2.            Arsenic problem in Bangladesh

3.            Unemployment problem

4.            Terrorism in Bangladesh

5.            Traffic Jam

6.            Natural Disasters in Bangladesh

7.            Influence of western civilization of Bangladesh society

8.            Dowry system

9.            Load shedding

10.          Smoking

11.          Price spiral

12.          Indiscriminate use of loud speakers

13.          Environment polluation

14.          Coping in the examination

1.            Acid Throwing

2.            The Harmful effect of the use and product of poly bags

3.            Food poisoning

4.            Child labour in Bangladesh

5.            Global warming

6.            The flood in Bangladesh

7.            Hartal / Strike

8.            Road Accident

9.            Corruption in Bangladesh

10.          Political Instability in Bangladesh

11.          Illiteracy

12.          Anarchy in Bangladesh

13.          Campus Violence

14.          Women and child trafficking




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