Importance of learning English of our life

English is an international language. It means people all over the countries are use English is a second language for sharing their thought, expression. All the people in the world are not talk in a same language. That why if you need to talk with other countries people, you can’t it. Here is used is a medium to talk people all over the world.

Being a international language, English is so important for us. We can’t develop our self without learning English. Today English widely use in our trade, education and jobs sector. English is the first criteria to get a good jobs. Without learning English one can’t hope to get a good jobs. As a student we should learn English as a second language to talk people all over the world. If we want to job in a multinational company, then English is compulsory. If we go to abroad to study or a tour, then English is main medium to communicate with the foreigner.



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