Social Networks || How and Why ??

Social Networking Service is online based virtual platform which gives people to keep social relationship among the world. It is web based service. People can communicate and stay connect through it access the world. The Advancement of Internet technology, the Social networking service is grow up.


People can more social by using it. It helps man to connect with his relatives and other person through social network. It is so simple, easier and also cost free. The user social network don’t need to pay for using it. They can use it paying some money to internet service provider.

Now a days, communication is more easier and comfortable by the using of social network. The issue of distance is no longer. It makes the world closer. The Social network service is most user friendly that a user can feel he lives in a global village. It makes dream of Global village true.

At present, Facebook is most popular among the Social Network. Google+, Twitter, Linkdin, etc. are also popular. People frequently use this Social Network. Some other Social network is slideshare,

Most of the social network is free of cost. User Don’t needs pay for using The service. All the service is fast. and also User friendly. Here User make a Public profile. They can modify it as his own Willing. They can also turn it private. All the social network gives his user privacy protection. The social service allow his user to upload Pictures, Multimedia content.



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