Value of time in Man’s life

The value of time is limitless; it cannot be measured. The value of time arises from the fact that human life is hsort, but he has to do a lot of work within the short span of time. Each works require some time. If the work is not finished in time, it ma not be finished at all. The explain why time is so valueable , and why it should bnot ne lostfor nothing.

Time goes on like the tide of the river and it never waits for anybody. Lost time can never be found again. The misuse of time is a great crime, and it makes life barren like a desert.He is really great who spends every moment in useful works. Success is bound to come to his doorstep.

A student should make the right use of time. He should be prepared to spend some time for reading, writing taking rest and recreation. If he becomes forgetful of time, he is sureto lose and fail. No great work can be done without a strong sense of time.


The children should learn the value of time from their childhood. They can learn it at home or at school from their parents or teacher or superiors. This can be better learnt from their superiors. It is a part of disciplines – disciplines that makes life worthwhile and meaningful.

We should make the best and proper use of our time. The proper use of time refrers to doing work in time. In another word, we can say, the proper use of time means that proprer use of a day, a week, a month and over all a person’s whole life. Man can achive success in utilizing his time properly. Further, if he wants to reach his desired goal, he must make the best use of time.

Of course, to be loyel to time does not mean that one has to be a slave of time. The value of time ennobles a person and gives him fame. Slavery is blind subservience and should be abandoned. The value of time indicates that a person should not waste time; rather he should spend every minute in useful works. This will make his life worth living and glorious.



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