Wonder of the modern science


Modern civilization is the gift of science. Today we are living in an age of science. Day and night, we make the use of innumerable discoveries and inventions of science. Today we can’t go a single moment without the help science. Modern science make our life easy and comfortable.



Electricity is the great power behind many scientific inventions. The electric lamp lights up our houses. Radio, television, telegram, telephone, cinema, tap-recorder, photo-copier, VCR, computers and most of the mills and factories are run by electricity. There are also electric trains, printing press, cookers, irons, fans, sewing machines etc. run by electricity. It is a great wonder of science. The electricity make our life more easy and comfortable. Without the electricity many scientific invention did not come out.



Science has conquered time and space. We can go from one place to another in a very short time by train, steamer, plane or rocket.  We have reached the moon. We can now send message to a great distance in a second. We can talk to anybody in any part of the world by mobile phone. Radio brings songs, music, news discussions etc. Television brings pictures also even in color. By fax, ant writing or pictures can be sent over great distance very easily. Internet is yet another wonder of modern science.


The spinning of yarn, the weaving of cloth and sewing of clothes can be done at a great speed. Food processing, house building, constructing roads and bridges can be done very quickly. Millions of pages can be printed or reproduced in a short time. A calculator can solve a complicated sum in no time.


Science has discovered the causes of the most of the diseases and their remedies. A deadly disease like TB has been conquered. Cholera has also been brought under control. Small pox has been eliminated. The X-ray and anti-biotic has been very helpful to man. Cornea transplant, by pass surgery etc. are marvels of modern science.

Science has greatly increased food production. If we can apply the scientific methods properly, there will be no hunger, in the world. Tractor, power-pump, fertilizers, high-yielding varieties of crops and irrigation techniques have revolutionized agriculture.



Internet is the other wonder of the modern science. Internet is really a wonder, It makes the dream true. By using internet we now connect the world one place to another place. We can contact any person of the world at any time through internet.

But science is not an unmixed blessing. Science has also invented guns, bombs, and missiles, battleships and war planes, chemical weapons and nuclear war heads.

To speak truth, science is both a blessing and curse.





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